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Welcome to our Market ONLY Store

Where you can pre-order and pickup at the Market of your choice.

This week ONLY The Rexburg Farmers Market will be at Porter Park

Idaho Falls- Saturday 9a-2p on Memorial Dr in Idaho Falls

Each week products will change and avaliablity is limited.

This is how it works-
1. View the products below or at the Farm Store

which allows you time to peruse items without feeling rushed by little ones or jostling for space at a crowded booth. 

2. Submit your order by email at
or text us at 208-607-9616

3.The Order deadline is every Friday by Noon.

*** This is important ***
4. Include your Name, Product, Quantity, Pickup Location & Time 

Knowing which Market you attended helps us to pack our vehicles accordingly.

5. We will send a confirmation

when the order is received with total due.
Payment can be made with Venmo to guarantee your order or 

you can pay with cash, card or Venmo at the market.

If your not able to pick up as scheduled, please let us know immediately because Eggs, Plants and Produce are perishable.



Week of May 24 & 25

- Chicken $5/ doz when pre-ordered online only
($7/doz at Market)
               - Duck    $7- 1/2 doz  limited supply
                - Turkey $7- 1/2 doz   limited supply
             - Quail    not available at this time
Curious what kind of Chicken lays the different colored eggs Meet the Girls

Jams and Herbal Products
are avaliable for pre-order and pickup too.
See our complete list of items at our - Farm Store
oops- Vanilla isn't listed but it's available.

Tomato and Pepper Plants 
Plants are in 6" pots for $10 each-
see pictures and descriptions of plant varieties below

We have a limited number of Tomato & Pepper Varieties
**** so order early ****

Quantities of Tomatoes as of May 16
San Marzano-28 , Roma-19, Opalka-24, Manitoba-23, Marglobe-14, Mountain Princess-23, Brandywine-24, Beefsteak-8,
Vintage Wine-16

Quantities of Cherry Tomatoes as of May 16
Supersweet-19, Tropical Sunset-21, Red Pear-22, Yellow Pear-7,
Lg Red Cherry-23, Black Cherry-19, Gold Nugget-16, Chadwick-21, Isis Candy-26, Tiny Tim Cherry-24

Quantities of Peppers as of May 16
Red Knight Bells-12, Santa Fe Guerro-19, Anaheim-30,
Jalapeno-38, Serrano-34, Habanero-30
Cayenne-18, Purple Cayenne-12, Bhut Jolokia Ghost-19



Tomatoes & Peppers

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Black and Beige Vintage Aesthetic Polaroid Portrait Collage.png
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