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Life on the Farm
enjoy our Black Bear Farming adventure

Hi  This is Linda at Black Bear Family Farms. 

I want to tell you a little about our Farmstead.  We are a small urban farm in SE Idaho near Yellowstone and the Tetons.  We raise a variety of chickens, turkey and quail for eggs and meat.  We specialize in making homemade Jams which you can see above.  The Herbal Shop is growing with new products avaliable at market right now.   In May we offer Plant starts so you can plant an InstaGarden.  As the season progresses we offer fresh Idaho fruits and vegetables grown in our gardens.  

I started this website when the rona started in 2020 thinking it would be the only way to sell our products.  Although the Markets that year were delayed they were open and the turn out was amazing!  With the shortages and economic issues people are loving the opportunity to buy locally at the Farmers Market -which have been doing fantastic! 

I thought I would be blogging more but I discovered Instagram and Facebook as an outlet to share our Farming Adventures.  Please follow us and Like our pages @blackbearfamilyfarms to get the most up to date information about our animals, gardens, products and events.  

We've started a YouTube channel too!  Please Subscribe there too!

Ben and I look forward to growing our Black Bear Farm Family by sharing our adventures with you.  

It feels like Winter is Never Ending

It's March 2020 and the snow is still deep but its time to start the seeds.  I dugout the entrance to the greenhouse so we can plant the carrots, lettuce, kale and other greens. Then with the warmer weather the ice slide off the roof right into the other greenhouse! UGH   With pick and shovel we were able to dig it out with little damage.  While we wait for Mother Nature to warm things up we're starting the seeds inside!  March 7 2020

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