About Us

Meet the Carlos'- Ben, LInda and Yavanna

Black Bear Family Farms

Our family moved to Idaho in 2012 from New York to live closer to our kids, we have six daughters. We have always had chickens and a vegetable garden but after buying our first home, we decided to grow & sell vegetables, fruits & flowers at the local Farmers Market. We have always wanted to be more self reliant and live off your land, and being market farmers provided a way for our dream to become a lifestyle. However, our first year the Market started before our vegetables were ready (it is Idaho) so we brought our homemade Jams to Market to have something on our table. WOW! Everyone loved them! Ben now makes over 35+ varieties including all the Classics plus Jalapeño, Rhubarb and Floral Jams.  Our daughter Yavanna, loves growing flowers & herbs, to share the power of nature through her traditional herbal remedies and salves.

Why Black Bear Family Farms?

Local, Fresh Taste, Traditional

We love offering our eggs, fruits & vegetables directly- Farm to Table- to those in the local areas of St. Anthony, Rexburg, Idaho Falls and in between through the Rexburg and Idaho Falls Farmers Markets.

Our Jams are made with the Freshest Idaho Fruits and Flowers.  We love watching your faces as you try our samples- "That tastes just like fresh fruit.",  "Rose Jelly? It's so delicate.  Tastes like it smells without being potpourri, wonderful." "Your Jalapeno Jams have all the taste of Jalapeno with just the right amount of heat."  We also offer an eco-friendly discount when you bring back your empty jars.  

We use traditional methods of Wildcrafting, growing, collecting and steeping flowers and herbs to create Natural Remedies, Healing Ointments & Salves, Flaxseed Facemasks and Refreshing Smelling Salts.

We like to keep the history of using God's gifts of nature to bring health, healing and happiness to our family and yours.