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January- April 2020

The World is Turned Upside Down  4/12/20


Today is Easter Sunday.  The country is still closed down because of Covid 19.  On Friday April 10th, President Russell M Nelson called for a Worldwide Day of Prayer and Fasting.  The outpouring of love and faith of people around the world and of all religons, faiths and denomonations has been inspiring!  I believe the Lord will bring this virus under control soon.  The reports on the news already confirm that the numbers are coming down in deaths and hospitalizations.  Idaho has had its share of confirmed cases and a small number have died compared to other states especially NY.  Our family has been blessed with employment and health during these uncertain times.  I hope your families are doing well.  Please share your stories on our Facebook page.  

We have learned that the Idaho Falls Farmers Market will be delaying its opening to June 6th.  The Rexburg Farmers Market may postpone opening on May 8th too.  As a result we're looking for ways to provider products using online markets and curbside pickups.   Spring is getting closer and we've got the greenhouses open and getting them ready for plants.  

update: Rexburg Farmers Market postponed its opening till June.  Idaho Falls Farmers Market had a soft opening for essential products only (food items) which started May 16, 2020.   


Spring is Coming- So is Covid-19 3/19/20

What a difference a couple weeks makes.  On March 7th the snow was deep and Coronavirus hadn't made it to Idaho yet.  In fact Idaho & West Virginia were the last 2 holdouts. Sadly West Virginia won,  a couple people got it while traveling.   Now Spring is coming, chickens are laying and the snow is melting.  At this time, the schools have closed, including BYU-I,  with all the teachers scrambling to begin online classes.   The fear of covid-19 spreading is making people go crazy, hording TP, butter, pasta, and cold medicine (and much more).  Restaurants are becoming take-out only and where possible people are working from home. Fortunately I've worked from home for years.  Its so strange to be stuck inside without a Blizzard, Hurricane or some other natural disaster except for Utah that had a 5.7 earthquake yesterday.  Its finally getting beautiful! People want to be outside but they need to stay away from others.  The Farmers Markets start in May and as of now we're planning that it will.  We've started our seeds and are prepping the greenhouse.  Ben's busy making Jams and I'm working on the Website and Online Store.  We'll keep you posted on developments.  


It feels like Winter is Never Ending

It's March and the snow is still deep but its time to start the seeds.  I dugout the entrance to the greenhouse so we can plant the carrots, lettuce, kale and other greens. Then with the warmer weather the ice slide off the roof right into the other greenhouse! UGH   With pick and shovel we were able to dig it out with little damage.  While we wait for Mother Nature to warm things up we're starting the seeds inside!  March 7 2020

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