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May 2020

May in St Anthony has had Crazy weather (rain and Snow, yes snow) and insane winds!  Our little greenhouse was flipped on top of our house and all the poles mangled.  With the help of family and friends we were able to build a stronger frame with a work bench.  None of the plants were damaged, thank goodness.  We also transplanted lots of greens in the A frame and they are doing really well.  

May is usually the start of the Farmers Market season but because of Covid the Markets have been delayed.

     The Idaho Falls Farmers Market started with a soft opening Saturday,                 May 16, 23 & 30 with the Full Market Opening June 6th. 

     The Rexburg Farmers Market will Open June 5th.  


This is how the little greenhouse looked after it was first assembled.  Nov 2019


After all the damage from the snow and 'avalanch' in March, the poles were weakened but we proped it up with wood supports.  It worked unitl the Winds came.  ugh

Rebuild 4.jpg

We were able to detatch the cover from the frame in the middle of the winds.  It blew right over the table and plants which we moved into the A frame.  It was a blessing we were home when it happened. I don't know what would have happened if we weren't. 

Rebuild 3.jpg

On a beautiful Mother's Day weekend, Ben and our friend Jon built a new frame for the greenhouse.  

They did a beautiful job even making shelves!  Since this one is next to the house we use it for hardening off and potting plants for the Farmers Markets.  

This is the pile of aluminin poles that bent like twigs in the wind.   

The final results are Wonderful!  Thank you Ben and Jon.

This heaping pile of plastic is the greenhouse cover.  Amazingly, we later learned that it only suffered some minor damage, small rips here and there.  

Idaho Falls Farmers Market Begins!


First IF Farmers Market Soft Opening on May 16, 2020.  It was a beautiful sunny morning.  We forgot the cover for our canopy thus the reason for the sunglasses.  LOL

Yes, i know I'm wearing my mask wrong.  Remember masks were a new thing back in May.  


This was the 2nd IF Farmers Market on MAY 23, yes MAY 23! It was a Wet Snowy Cold Windy awful weather day.  We still had die hard customers that came out for Jam!  Thank You Friends!   (the view is thru the back truck window. The snow is on the truck bed cover)


It was so cold and wet the manger let everyone sell out of their vehiles.  Greatly appreciated.  We left the jams on the backseat of the truck.  

Tomato starts.JPG
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