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Are Farm fresh eggs different from Store bought eggs?

Yes, it all starts from how they are raised. Free range eggs have a better taste and color, are higher in nutrients, and are a sustainable resource.

Free Range chickens are Happy chickens!

They lay more eggs and are better quality too?

What does it mean to be free range?

They don’t live in cages and roam freely to peck and scratch the ground as chickens do. In fact our birds (chickens and turkeys) like to roost in trees, on top of an old clothesline, on top of the coop as well as inside the coop. LOL

Store bought eggs are usually laid by birds in huge chicken houses. Their eggs roll down a shoot for collection and they are fed pelleted feeds and aren’t able to move around freely.

To be fair we do supplement our chickens with Laying Crumbles because laying eggs takes a lot out of the Hen.

Do they really taste better? Is the yolk really a different color?

Ask anyone and they’ll say there is a difference. They have a richer flavor. The yolk color is a deeper yellow almost orange. My daughter wanted a Stitch cake (from Lilo & Stitch). Stitch is a nice blue but after adding our farm fresh eggs with a beautiful orange yolk, the cake turned Green! She ended up with a Grunch-like cake instead of Stitch. Haha

But is there really a difference in the nutrients of an egg?

Isn’t an egg just an egg?

Actually farm fresh eggs have a 1/3 less cholesterol and 1/4 less saturated fat!

They are also have 7 times more Beta Carotene, 2 times more Omega-3,

2/3 more Vitamin A and 3 times more Vitamin E than Store bought eggs.

What does it mean to be a Sustainable Resource?

It’s basically the cycle of life. We have Roosters and Toms that fertilize the eggs. Hen’s naturally want to brood, they want to hatch their eggs. If the eggs are always taken away, they will stop laying.

However when free range, a hen might hide her eggs, then turn up 21 days later with a clutch of chicks! Our turkey hens don’t like to sit on their eggs so we’ve been successful in having a broody hen hatch out a clutch of turkey chicks. By letting our chickens and turkeys live a free range life we are ensured eggs and new birds for years to come.

Store bought eggs are not fertilized and if they stop laying they are quickly culled from industrial production houses.

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